Matt Lowden Spotify App Version 3

June 29th 2013

This week we, at, re-branded to along with a new version of the site and our Spotify app, which takes advantage of the latest version of Spotify's App API.

Postidol Media

Talented Entertainers

June 20th 2013 is a destination for performers, creatives and entertainment professionals to advertise their service to prospective clients.

The site allows entertainers to create a profile, specify what type of work they specialize in and upload a selection of images, audio clips and videos of their work.

Fixing "MySQL server has gone away"

June 14th 2013

This is a simple solution to the problem "PDOException: SQLSTATE[HY000]: General error: 2006 MySQL server has gone away" or just "MySQL server has gone away", which often occurs whilst running long scripts that periodically execute SQL queries.

The problem is a result of a long period of time between two SQL queries, during which the database connection is dropped.

The following query should be executed before a long period of script execution.

$pdo->query("SET wait_timeout=6000");
mysql_query("SET wait_timeout=6000", $database_connection);

Put simply the above code will allow up to 6000 seconds to pass before a database connection automatically drops.


LINC Systems CRM

May 5th 2013

LINC Systems CRM is a simple tool for managing LINC Systems' database of existing and potential customers, sharing files & publishing internal news.

The system was built on the LAMP stack and developed using the Mokoala framework & CMS.

We Love Collective

March 13th 2013

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