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October 16th 2013

ClickShot is a photo sharing community created by photographer Lee Searle. The purpose of the site is to give professional photographers a space to upload some of their best work and share it with others in their field.

The site is built on my Community Gallery Manager product.

Clear head scripts & links in ZEND

October 8th 2013

When using the ZEND Framework there's a chance that you will run into situations where you want to clear all of the head scripts and CSS that you've appended to the document via the headScript() & headLink() View Helpers.

In order to reset all of the scripts and CSS you've added to a document you can use the following. This example assumes the code is placed in a Controller.

$this->view->headScript()->exchangeArray( array() );
$this->view->headLink()->exchangeArray( array() );

To give a little context to this example take a look at the following.


$this->view->headScript()->exchangeArray( array() );


In this example the file js/jquery.js is appended to the document, the scripts are then cleared and js/main.js is appended to the document.

<php print $this->headScript(); ?>

The above code within one of the layouts will output the following as js/jquery.js was cleared from the registry.

<script type="text/javascript" src="js/main.js"></script>

Victory Collection Store Locator

October 2nd 2013

Adding a collection of Google Maps Markers to a map based on addresses, pulled from a database & geocoded, for Victory Collection.


Fat Light Fire Cart

September 9th 2013

Small change to Fat Light Fire site to automatically update the cart in the top right of the screen when a user adds an item to their cart. "New Releases" Section

August 29th 2013

Since Spotify removed it's "What's New" page it's been difficult to find what new singles and albums have been added to the service, which is why we decided to create a New Releases section over at so that users can see a week-by-week breakdown of what is being released on Spotify.

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